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"Those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither and will lose both." - Benjamin Franklin
We are dedicated to:
uniting the wisdom of the Citizens
to preserve government by the Citizens
so we can preserve our country for the Citizens.
I, the undersigned, petition the government to:
Allow military personnel to carry a loaded weapon or firearm on military bases.
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Supporting Views:

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Opposinging Views:

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Monday, Sep 24th, 2012 12:35 AM
Military bases are generally supposed to be secure facilities therefore it is unclear what the need would be for large numbers of servicemen to carry loaded weapons beyond the assigned security personnel. We have seen multiple instances of violent actions by military personnel. The current excessive use of US military personnel to prosecute lengthy politically driven engagements around the world creates large numbers of combat trained personnel with a variety of stress disorders coming back to US bases. Allowing any US serviceman to carry a loaded weapon on base is unnecessary and high risk.
Wednesday, Dec 21st, 2016 12:02 PM
This is a correct view. Developing the cohort of young men as killers, comfortable with having weapons in their possession; and believing that political problems can, or should, be resolved at the barrel of a gun can lead to a citizenry quick to support a military solution to political problems not easily resolved by violence. The U.S. can easily become a "society of warriers." This can already be observed in observation of our population's use of military terminology, and love of movies depicting extreme violence.
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